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Basement Medicine Newspaper 

  Ally dinner promotes openness

  Marcus'  quotes have been featured in several articles for JSC’s Basement Medicine Newspaper in the        transgender series written by Jacob Greenia.





   Pride Center announces SAFE HARBOR FOR TRANS TEENS

   Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Check out the great work that Safe Harbor for Trans Teens is doing!  

Here's a note from Penny, one of the co-founders:

Safe Harbor For Trans Teens is announcing their birth at the Pride Parade.  Our family is asking for you to join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary with all our friends, families and supporters of individuals who reunite with their identified gender.  We are excited to further our dream in helping family members, especially those in transition, take the necessary time and support needed for healthy family relations.  We have been fortunate to have been supported as a family by Outright Vermont and Pride Center of Vermont to become a strong family unit starting our orginization.  Please join us as we raise our banner for the first time. Email:


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